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Find Strength
In The Struggle

In-Person and Online Therapy for Kids, Teens, and Parents/Guardians

Evan Coghlan, RP

Evan Coghlan, RP

Welcome! I'm a Registered Psychotherapist, and I help kids and teens who are struggling discover their strength.

As a parent, I understand the challenge of raising kids in our modern world. So much has changed, and parenting feels more complicated than ever.

I pursued my career as a therapist after working extensively with young people in other fields. This experience taught me how to build rapport with kids and teens relatively quickly. I work hard to ensure they feel understood and involved, rather than talked at with information. This gives them the space to be themselves and discover strengths they may have never recognized.

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Counselling for Kids and Teens

Therapy with toys

Help kids and teens who are struggling discover their strength. Learn More

Counselling for Parents/ Guardians

Evan Coghlan, RP

Develop a clear support plan for the future. Learn More

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